Completion of the student project

More than two months have passed since our last article about our students from the Berufskolleg Niederberg. Since then, our FIVE had to hand in their finished documentation, prepare a 15-minute presentation and also present it (online via Discord).

The entire 50-page documentation and a one-page summary of the market launch concept were also handed over to Mr. Völkel.

You can find out what the group’s outcome was and what their experience was during the entire project phase here.

Our two employees Marco Wiegand and Jan Volter are very satisfied with the topic and the cooperation with the group, but also with the support from VÖLKEL.

“It was a lot of fun for all of us, even if it was very exhausting in the meantime. Everyone cooperated very well! We complemented each other perfectly,” said Jan Volter. “VÖLKEL has supported us enormously with the possibility of this project in an important and complicated part of our studies. So we can start well into the last year of our studies for Bachelor Professional.” The final grade resulted from three sub-grades: Group work, documentation and presentation.

We congratulate the project group for their very good grades and performance and wish them all the best for the further course of their studies towards a Bachelor Professional.