Cutting external threads on a lathe

How to cut an external thread on a lathe with a die?
What is important to consider?
What are the advantages of this type of application?

As described in our last article, the VX type dies from VÖLKEL are perfectly suited for machine applications.

With the help of a special threading device for dies, you can easily cut threads on a lathe. In our application, we are using a set from Paulimot to use the die on the lathe.

How to cut an external thread on a lathe with a round die?

  • Insert the workpiece into the chuck of the lathe.
  • Insert the die stock with the appropriate holder into the tailstock – Please pay attention to the dimension!
  • Use proper lubricant (in our case a conventional cutting oil).
  • Place the die on the workpiece and start to cut it.
  • After the chamfer, the die automatically cuts the external thread on the workpiece due to its pitch angle and the thread is finished.

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What should be considered during the application?

  • Sufficient and suitable lubricant. This depends on the material. Our VX dies have a vaporised surface which optimally disperses the lubricant.
  • Selecting the right die for the material and workpiece.

Advantages of machine applications

  • More precise thread cutting on the workpiece (with the help of the special holder)
  • Improved surface finish of the thread
  • Higher rotation speed during cutting and thus also a faster cycle time for thread production