New introduction: V-COIL notch Kit

In the last few weeks we have presented our new V-COIL notch system for repairing and reinforcing threads. We presented the new V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts and in particular the innovative V-COIL notch Inserting Tool. We showed technical details and explained the context.

All this, and much more, is now available in a practical set. This set comes in a practical plastic packaging with foam inlay.

In addition to the V-COIL notch Inserting Tool and the Tangless Thread Inserts, the set also contains two other well-known tools from the V-COIL family: the V-COIL rapid STI Twist Drill and the rapid STI Tap. All tools in the set are equipped with a ¼ inch hexagon and therefore offer maximum drive flexibility. A ¼ inch bit holder is also included.

Content V-COIL notch Kit

  • V-COIL notch Inserting Tool
  • V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts – 1,5 D
  • V-COIL rapid STI Twist Drill
  • V-COIL rapid STI Tap
  • Bit holder

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The new V-COIL notch Kits are of course, as usual, immediately available from stock.

  • available in dimensions M 3-12
  • 14-piece set in plastic packaging
  • find more information HERE