New introduction: V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts

Our V-COIL family is growing: V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts

Thread inserts are usually equipped with a tang, which is required for the installation and must be removed from the insert after installation.

V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts do not have this tang. Instead, these inserts have small notches (driver notches) on the inside at both ends of the thread inserts. The V-COIL notch installation tool engages in these notches and securely holds the thread insert so that it can then be screwed into the holding thread.

The removal of the tang, which must be carried out with conventional thread inserts after assembly, is no longer necessary.

V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts offer the same level of reliable thread reinforcement and thread repair as the well-known thread inserts type “S” and “SL”, but without the risk of losing the tang and becoming a safety hazard.

Advantages of V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts


In sensitive application environments, it can be very dangerous if the broken tang of thread inserts enters this environment.

  • Electrotechnical installations: If the tang comes into contact with e.g. printed circuit boards or non-insulated cable clamping points, there is a risk of a short circuit.
  • Machine gears or slideways: A driving tang can mechanically damage or even destroy these.
  • Pipes for liquids or gases (pipelines) and filter systems: Again, a tang entered as an unwanted foreign body can cause great damage.

By eliminating the tang, V-COIL notch avoids all these hazards.

Installation speed

  • Due to the notches at both ends of the thread inserts, the very time-consuming screwing-in orientation and testing of the inserts before installation is no longer necessary.
  • After installing the inserts, there is no need to break off the tang and no need to search for and remove the tang. No vacuuming, no pulling out or counting the removed tangs! Loose tangs cannot damage the finished product or foreign objects.
  • These are time-saving advantages, especially for automatic installation in applications with large quantities.


The position of the tangless inserts can be easily readjusted and the inserts can be removed again in the installation direction after the first installation with the installation tool. Damages that can occur with conventional removal methods are prevented.

The new V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts are, as usual, immediately available from stock.

  • Dimensions M 3-12
  • in the lengths 1,0 / 1,5 / 2,0 D
  • find more information HERE