HexTap - TriBit

HexTap - TriBit

Threading-Bit 1/4″ HexTap S

VÖLKEL-Threading-Bits have been designed for thread cutting using battery-powered screwdriver drills and electric hand drills with right-hand and left-hand rotation. They are also suitable for thread cutting by hand or in a stationary drilling machine..

Multi-Drive Tap HexTap DS

These are special hand taps with two-in-one pre-tap and final cutter. This tool developed by Völkel is particularly suitable for difficult to access areas and for recutting or repairing damaged threads. This tap can be driven from both ends with a ratchet or offset screwdriver, or at the middle part consisting of an external hex, again using an open-ended spanner.


One Bit-box for all occasions. The box includes a twist drill bit, combined threading bit, HexTap S short machine tap bit and a countersink bit with 1/4″ hexagon drive.

VOELKEL Thread-cutting tools

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