Fluteless Machine Taps

Fluteless Machine Taps

Fluteless Taps (Forming Taps) are threading tools to form internal threads without cutting. The thread is produced by deformation of the material without damaging the fibre structure.

Benefit of fluteless machine forming taps:

  • longer endurance as cutting taps
  • higher possible cutting speed
  • steady exactness of dimension and profile
  • high stability of the forming threads
  • high security against fracture
  • no removal of swarf, no jaming of swarf


bright: for nonferrous metal of good ductility
VAP (Steam Tempered): for steel up to approx. 700 N/mm²
TiN (Titanium Nitride Coating): for steel up to approx. 900 N/mm²

VOELKEL Thread-cutting tools

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