Recutting threads on wheel nuts and wheel studs

Easter is just around the corner and this time of the year is usually also tyre changing time. That is why we would like to deal with this matter in this article. Because we at VÖLKEL have just the right thread-cutting tool set for this purpose in our range.

Often the threads on the stand bolt or the nut thread of the wheel mounting are damaged. These areas on the vehicle are often affected by high stresses, which can affect the quality of the thread. External influences such as rust, brake dust, road salt, corrosion or incorrect assembly (e.g. due to excessive torque) are among these factors.

With the thread cutting tool set for wheel studs and wheel nuts from VÖLKEL, re-cutting and cleaning the threads is very simple.

You save yourself the potentially costly and time-consuming replacement of the complete component. This is particularly beneficial for classic cars, as spare parts are usually very expensive and extremely difficult to obtain.

The set includes all essential tools and adapters and comes in a practical metal case. You do not need any additional special holding tools for the application, only a ½” ratchet is required.


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  • Hexagon Die Nuts: M 12 x 1,25 / M 12 x 1,5 / M 14 x 1,25 / M 14 x 1,5
  • HexTap DS: M 12 x 1,25 / M 12 x 1,5 / M 14 x 1,25 / M 14 x 1,5
  • Spanner AF 8 x 10 mm
  • External Hexagon socket wrench size 36mm x 1/2“
  • Internal Hexagon socket wrench size 4mm x 1/2“