Students at VÖLKEL – The first impression counts!

Since 01.02.2021, five students of the Berufskolleg Niederberg from Velbert have been working on a project at VÖLKEL to obtain the qualification for a successful degree as a state-certified business administrator.

The first impressions of the students, who first got to know the company in February, were very positive. We spoke to the students: “The company looks just as modern from the inside as it does from the outside. The entrance area was already very appealing and this impression did not change during the walk around,” said Robin Schneider from the company Schilder Klar in Wuppertal. His colleague Julian Honisch added that he was “particularly impressed by the meeting rooms”.

Jan Bachmann, from the company Carl Walter, mainly commented on the products. “We mainly produce special and custom tools. It was therefore very interesting to gain an insight into VÖLKEL’s impressive warehousing and to learn about new exciting products.”

Since the visit, the group has been meeting regularly online via Discord to continue working on their project. The FIVE mainly work individually in order to be able to concentrate more specifically on several topics. In the first few weeks, the group has mainly informed themselves about the topic of product launches and has already worked out the first steps.

What this is about still remains a secret …

As usual, you can find out how our FIVE are doing regularly on our website and on all social media channels.


We wish the students continued success.