Update on the student project – It is about …

Ten weeks have already passed and our students’ project is slowly coming to an end. On the 5th of May, our FIVE must have completed and handed in their scientific project. Finally, the individual project groups will hold their final presentations in June. But what is their current status and what is the product?

Last time we reported on the first experiences of the students during their tour, and until now we still haven’t found out what the product of the project is. But finally we learn what is to develop from this project.

The aim of the project is to develop a finished market launch concept for a thread set for anglers by the end of April.

This set consists of a short machine tap and a die. In the world of fishing, there is a common thread type and dimension so that every angler can assemble what he has in mind without having to spend a lot of money on new accessories. Of course it also offers the possibillity to re-cut worn threads.

You will find out here in the coming weeks how the project will continue and how the project will be concluded.

We wish the FIVE of the project team continued success for their project.