VÖLKEL supports students

VÖLKEL Threading Solutions sponsors a project by students from the Berufskolleg (Vocational College) Niederberg in Velbert, Germany. In the fourth semester of the three-year evening course to become a state-certified business economist, an external project is a prerequisite for successful completion. The students Jan Bachmann, Julian Honisch, Robin Schneider, Jan Volter and Marco Wiegand (the latter two have been working in sales at VÖLKEL for several years) are looking forward to the joint commitment at VÖLKEL Threading Solutions.

“It is always difficult to find a client who opens his doors for such a project. Not everyone wants to reveal internal structures and the information required for the project. The current situation makes it even more difficult for us and the other students,” says Jan Volter.

The project work enables all students to deal intensively with tasks that correspond to real professional situations. Problems have to be identified, analysed, structured and assessed independently, as well as solution strategies developed, solutions documented and presented in a written paper.

In the last few months, the FIVE have already drawn up a specification sheet and a contract with the client. The aim of the project is to create a new product for VÖLKEL Threading Solutions.

You will soon find out exactly what we are talking about here. In the coming weeks, we will follow the FIVE students in their project and inform you regularly about the project (e.g. through interviews).

You can find out about our FIVE here on our homepage and on all our social media channels.


We wish the students much success and fun with their project.