//We belong to Germany’s best!

We belong to Germany’s best!

We belong to Germany’s best!

In Germany’s largest brand test, Deutschland Test examined around 20,000 brands for their perception by customers. The study was carried out on behalf of Focus Money and Deutschland Test by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research with scientific support from the International School of Management (ISM)). For this purpose, around 107 million articles in online media and social media were examined and evaluated for their positive tonality. The awarding of the best is branch-specific; the result impressively shows which companies and brands the Germans particularly trust.

The study, including the results, was published in October 2019 as a supplement in the print editions of Focus and Focus Money. Only very few thread cutting tool manufacturers have made it into the ranking; we are all the more proud that VÖLKEL is one of Germany’s best in the area of tools and equipment.