VÖLKEL @ 2024 Rallye Dakar Classic

UPDATE: Here you can find the new V-News "VÖLKEL Dakar Team 2024" as PDF

Welcome to our exclusive landing page for the 2024 Rallye Dakar Classic!

We at VÖLKEL Threading Solutions are proud to announce that we will be taking part in the prestigious Rallye Dakar Classic 2024 with our own team. 

The 2024 Rallye Dakar Classic will take place from January 5 to 19 in Saudi Arabia. 

The Dakar Classic is a "regularity rally". It is not about high speed, but about a predetermined speed. Accordingly, the respective speed to be driven is written in the road book next to the navigation instructions. If you drive faster or slower, you will receive penalty points. 

The rally is one of the most demanding off-road events in the world, combining a sense of adventure, passion and technical precision. For us as experts in the field of threading tools, this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our skills, determination and innovative strength under extreme conditions.

On this page, you can find out more about our participation in the 2024 Rallye Dakar Classic and the challenges our team will face. Immerse yourself in the world of the Dakar Classic and accompany us on our journey through deserts, dunes and challenging off-road routes. Find out how VÖLKEL Threading Solutions is redefining the limits of what is possible in motorsport.

The VÖLKEL team drives the legendary winning car of the 1983 Rallye Dakar, a Mercedes 280GE (drivers at that time: Jacky Ickx, Claude Brasseur). There will also be two Mercedes 2636 6x6s as service trucks and two other Mercedes Gs at the start.

We cordially invite you to support our team on this exciting journey. Join us as we master the challenges of the 2024 Rallye Dakar Classic with speed, precision and passion.

Enjoy exploring our exclusive content! Stay up to date on our social media channels and don't miss any of the exciting developments surrounding the 2024 Dakar Classic Rally and Team VÖLKEL!

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Mercedes  280 GE

Here are some impressions of the Mercedes 280 GE from 1983. 

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