The V-COIL notch thread insert must be screwed onto the installation tool.

The V-COIL notch installation tool is equipped with a spring-loaded blade which engages in the driver notch when the thread insert is screwed on and holds it in place. As the notches are present at both ends of the thread insert, it is not necessary to pay attention to which end of the thread insert is facing forwards in the shoring direction.

The V-COIL notch installation tools are designed with a depth stop nut, which is adjusted to the intended screw-in depth for the insert by means of a lock nut on the tool.

The thread insert is screwed into the holding thread with the V-COIL notch installation tool. Since the installation tool is equipped with a ¼" hexagon on the drive side, it can be operated with all common bit holders. This is possible both by hand and with cordless screwdrivers or even on stationary machines. Once the desired screw-in depth has been reached, the installation tool simply has to be unscrewed again. The spring-loaded blade of the V-COIL notch installation tool automatically retracts from the notch of the thread insert and releases the thread insert.

Additional information
Standard Works Standard
Size M 8 x 1.25
Drive connector 1/4"
Length 67 mm
EAN 4022835091110
Item number 09111
Application M 8 x 1.25
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