• alloyed, tough material up to 1200 N/mm²
  • INOX (stainless steel)
  • aluminium cast
  • spheroidal cas iron GGG
  • for thread cutting by hand and machine


  • high cutting ability
  • reduction of torque
  • uninterrupted swarf flow in direction of feed
  • prevents jaming of swarf
  • steam tempered thereby optimal adhesion of cutting oil
Additional information
Type of thread metric ISO-thread
Standard DIN 223 (DIN EN 22568)
Form solid version (Form B) High Performance
Material HSSE
Tolerance 6g
Size M 10 x 1.5
Outer diameter 30.0 mm
EAN 4022835578468
Item number 57846
Thread standard DIN 13
Coating VAP
Rec. Bolt diameter 9.85 mm
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