• longer endurance as cutting taps
  • higher possible cutting speed
  • steady exactness of dimension and profile
  • high stability of the forming threads
  • high security against fracture
  • no removal of swarf, no jaming of swarf


for chipless production of internal threads

  • for nonferrous metal of good ductility
  • unalloyed and low alloyed steel
  • Structural Steel
  • heat resistant steel
  • stainless steel
  • for long-chipping nonferrous Metal (Cooper, Brass, Bronze, Alu)
  • Zinc alloys
Additional information
Type of thread metric ISO-thread
Standard ISO 529
Form Form C
Material HSSE
Tolerance ISO1 (4H)
Size M 6 x 1.0
Overall length (L1) 72 mm
Thread length (L2) 22 mm
Core hole diameter (D1) 6.3 mm
Shank diameter (D2) 8.0 mm
Diameter (B) 7.3 mm
Drive connector 6.4 mm
EAN 4022835036098
Item number 03609
Application for through and blind holes
Thread standard DIN 13
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