• Thread Repair of damaged or worn-out threads
  • Thread Armour Plating for material with low shear strength
  • Recovery of rejected items
  • for new highly stable and long-lasting internal threads
  • perfect for maintenance, installation and small series production
  • Wire Thread Inserts DIN 8140, tolerance ISO 2 (6H), Type S - free running, from stainless steel


  • flexible application through more inserts and drills for the dimensions up to M12
  • high stock availability for standard and special dimensions
  • for thread cutting by hand
  • higher load capacity after the repair by better thread properties,
  • temperature and corrosion resistance
  • best price
  • attractive and functional presentation case


  • 1x STI-Short Machine Taps, ForD, HSS-G, BSW 1/2 x 12 VÖLKEL 03207
  • 1x Tang Break Tools, No. 15 VÖLKEL 07015
  • 1x Inserting tool with locking ring, No. 15 VÖLKEL 08015
  • 10x Wire thread inserts - type S - free running BSW 1/2 x 12 – 1.5 D
  • STI Twist drill 13 mm
Additional information
Diameter (B2)
Length (S1)
Material Wire Thread Inserts frostainless steel
Packing in plastic case
Diameter (B)
EAN 4022835041474
Length (S2)
Size Diameter BSW 1/2 x 12
Diameter (B1)
Thread length (L2)
Outer diameter
Thread length (L4)
Core hole diameter (D1)
Overall length (L1)
Shank diameter (D2)
Thread length (L3)
Width across flat (SW2)
Drive connector
Width across flat (SW1)
Width across flat
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