VÖLKEL x DEG – Drop pucks not bombs
War has been raging in Ukraine since February 2022. Millions of children, women and men fear for their lives and their future. We want to show that we have not forgotten the victims of this war.

From our passion for threading and for ice hockey, the limited edition “Drop pucks not bombs” threading set was created. This bundle includes a tap bit set (including twist bits, M3-10) and a strictly limited edition puck. The puck features the words “Drop pucks not bombs” and the peace sign on the colors of the Ukrainian flag. On the back you will find the DEG and the VÖLKEL logo, also in the colors of Ukraine.

We want to make a statement against the war in Ukraine and will donate all profits from the sale of this bundle to the victims of the war.

Get your set now! Thank you for your support!

You can order the set exclusively here.

„A really great initiative from our main sponsor VÖLKEL.“
Alexander Ehl
Düsseldorfer EG