VÖLKEL Threading Solutions

Due to the very broad and deep range of thread cutting tools, VÖLKEL optimally covers an enormously broad spectrum of application areas.
From industrial mass-production to locksmith on a construction site.
From holding tools, to hand and machine taps, to round dies and precision thread gauges – all our assortment is available from stock for 99% of the time, in all major international standards, coated on request and in sizes from M1 to M110.

VÖLKEL products can only be purchased through qualified specialist dealers.

Threading tool holder

Hand Taps

Short Machine Taps

Bit-Edition – HexTap – TriBit

Machine Taps

Machine Taps with coloured ring

Fluteless Machine Taps

Machine Nut Taps

Round Dies / Hexagon Die Nuts

Tap & Die Sets

Precision Thread Gauges